give me chicken pox ---

I’m “rude” only to those that deserve it. 

After being in this community for so long, there are a lot of things that bug me. People asking for things that are very clearly listed in descriptions irks me to no end. 

Actually, that’s pretty much the only “mean” thing that I ever do on youtube. On youtube, twitter, and Facebook I’m a pretty chill dude. I answer legitimate questions with honest and polite answers, because that is what those who are asking DESERVE. 

However, on Tumblr, I can see where people might think I could be nicer. The thing is, everything I say is for the sake of comedy. Of course I’m not this way all the time. I don’t walk around spitting on babies and giving old people wedgies. I’d like to think that I am a FAIRLY pleasant person. 

But if you think my harmless jokes and feisty demeanor are just the worst, I’d hate to see how to manage the outside world. I take all of this in stride, because I know who I am, my real friends know who I am, and I don’t feel that I’m doing anything to hurt anyone’s feelings. 

That being said, on the off-chance that I HAVE hurt anyone’s feelings, I do offer my sincerest of apologizes. 

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