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You can’t escape followers, i’ve already glued the door shut


Nice try followers, but I replaced all the glass with rubber.


Too late followers, I’ve already cloooggged all the toooiiiiillleeeetttts

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decided to make mini headcanon reference sheets for the golden trio if only to keep my colours consistent— but i ended up getting a bit silly with it. oops.

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Bob and the deli guy.

#i had to make this just so i could watch it whenever i wanted #i just fucking love that it’s not played off like the usual gay panic joke #this rly exemplifies the humor of the show for me and why I love it so much #it’s akward and weird but never EVER mean #the important misunderstanding in this situation isn’t Bob’s sexuality; it’s the reason why he keeps buying turkeys #like he’s def more concerned that this deli guy thinks he’s not a real cook than he is about being hit on

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cool thing a lot of people don’t know: discrimination against Deaf people isn’t ableism. it’s called audism. most Deaf people don’t see their deafness as a disability, but rather as an important part of their identity so calling it ableism could be incorrect or even seen as offensive

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when you get caught in a lie and you have to make up another lie on the spot but you can’t think of anything.


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